Unintended consequences of the Israeli assault on Palestine, by Paul Craig Roberts – NehalBlog

In keeping with Zionist propaganda, Hamas is a group of evil beasts. How can this propaganda be reconciled with the wonderful situation of Israeli girls and youngsters hostages launched by Hamas?

Regardless of Israel’s devastation of Gaza and the killing of Palestinian girls and youngsters, Hamas achieved a victory of types. Netanyahu’s brutal assault on civilians uncovered the underbelly of the apartheid Zionist state. It’s not attainable for Israel apologists to argue that “Israel can do no mistaken.”

For many years, Israel has slowly however absolutely ousted Palestinians from Palestine. The world tolerated it, partially as a result of Zionist violence was restricted in time and scope and the unattainable state of affairs was masked by speak of the “two-state resolution.” However this time the violence is limitless and has the said goal of emptying Palestine of its Palestinians, with Gazans being pushed again into tent cities within the Egyptian Sinai desert. This isn’t one other case of emptying a selected village within the West Financial institution or a restricted incursion into Gaza. This time the world faces a declared Zionist program of genocide.

This poses an issue for Western governments that declare to help human rights and deplore warfare crimes. This additionally poses an issue for American evangelicals generally known as “Christian Zionists.” Genocide shouldn’t be one thing that may be reconciled with the teachings of Jesus. Evangelicals must select between worshiping Israel and worshiping Jesus.

One of many penalties of Washington wars in opposition to Israel within the Center East is that Western international locations at the moment are residence to tens of millions of Muslim refugees who take offense at Western help for the Palestinian genocide. This introduces in Western international locations a counter-power on the road stage in comparison with the Zionist foyer which focuses on the management of governments. Western governments now have a brand new ingredient of instability to handle, and the consequence could possibly be a much less unilateral stance in direction of Zionist Israel.

Not all of Israel is Zionist. Netanyahu enjoys minority help. The result could possibly be totally different for Israel than predicted by Netanyahu and his American neoconservative allies.

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