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LF: who asks the questions? –Guido Fawkes

LF: who asks the questions?


  1. Richard Thompson (SNP)
  2. Nick Smith (Laboratory)
  3. Scott Benton (Rip-off)
  4. Michael Fabricant (Rip-off)
  5. Marc Eastwood (Rip-off)
  6. Janet Daby (Laboratory)
  7. Kerry McCarthy (Laboratory)
  8. Kevin Brennan (Laboratory)
  9. Kate Osborne (Laboratory)
  10. Daybreak Butler (Laboratory)
  11. Kevin Foster (Rip-off)
  12. Greg Smith (Rip-off)
  13. Mr Desmond Swayne (Rip-off)
  14. Ian Paisley (DUP)

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